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Our Modular Approach to Solutions
Engineered for your peace of mind

LAYZE Systems® is a modular platform of components conceived for building outdoor and indoor structures. Developed around an assortment of patented designs and proprietary processes like our Weldless interlocking or Stitchless fabric bonding techniques.

Whether is our catalog products, custom solutions or our individual components such as extrusions, connectors and panels, all of our creations are based on the same modular attributes, bringing an extra layer of versatility by customization.


Our Design


Our products came from the necessity of turning architectural exteriors into functional and pleasing living spaces, with the main goal of providing comfortable shade under the tropical sun of South Florida.

Beauty and style is second nature to our designer team, but our most important feature is the materials we use; strong, lightweight and durable marine-grade aluminum, the perfect complementary texture for rounding up LAYZE's signature modern aesthetic.

Along with our selection of fabric colors and coating finishes, our products are constantly raising the sophistication bar to new heights.


Our Technology

We developed a system consisting on metal components, which combine together to create modular structures for outdoor living and furniture.


Technically, the parts of our products could be rearranged by disassembling and reassembling them to create new contraptions. Our users can become designers of their own solutions by combining and extending our products to their liking, and that is why our "modularity" is key to our system.


Our best kept secret is already out there: our proprietary Weldless process, where each individual component is connected by mechanical fastening via machine screws or swiveling/sliding junctions, dramatically reducing the potential of stress fractures or corrosion.

Top Benefits of a Modular Weldless System
Modular Attributes

Interchangeable versatile components

Fast and easy assembly with basic tools


Wide range of customization possibilities

Corrosion Resistant due to marine-grade aluminum

Mechanical fastening reduces stress fractures and corrosion

Our Method


We Sketch Our creations are driven by real life situations; therefore we sometimes find ourselves coming up with solutions on the go, often in the field. In other words: our inspiration is always active

We Design All of our products are based on standard aesthetics and functionality metrics assuring a positive contribution to your lifestyle and spacial applications

We Prototype and Test Our Research and Development facility is always busy giving birth to new ideas and putting them to the test to guarantee their functionality and resistance

We Build We are builders by trade, and we do stuff by hand. Our quality control is embedded in the development of all our products, with permanent supervision of our own production and supply chain

"If LAYZE were to make a contribution to society, it would be a reliable and affordable set of building blocks for the construction of anyone's dream project, thus the potential for improving quality of life"

Our Process


Highest Manufacturing Standards We never compromise on quality, even though we underline our energy efficiency properties as part of our commitment to the environment

Top Quality Materials Only the best feedstock for our production and final product. Trusted suppliers and top warehousing conditions

Vast Experience in the Marine Industry All of our combined knowledge of working in some of the most demanding conditions has been put to use to deliver beautiful, sturdy and long-lasting products

Patents and Certifications Not only we don not improvise, we go far and beyond to acquire top industry certifications. We contribute to our sector by developing new and patented inventions used in our creations. We are Miami-Dade NOA Certified.


We share the vision of

find out more at the Miami21 official website

Catalog Products

For Home Owners, Business Owners and Enthusiasts

These are the products composing our Catalog. To be purchased through our official channels such as our Website, our Amazon Store, directly at our Showroom or via Customer Service

Custom Solutions

With the Creator in mind

Solutions we develop out of our customer's particular needs, with all the freedom and flexibility of our platform

Components and Parts

For taking your builds to the next level

From the smallest screw to our largest extension. Available through our regular channels and conceived for expanding our systems

Clientele Base

Direct Consumers and end Users of our Products

We sell directly or through alternative channels such as resellers and retailers. Professionals, Architects and Designers

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