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Our Philosophy, our Fabric
Proudly Made in the USA

A new concept in Outdoor Living. The modular platform engineered to create outdoor structures, patio furniture and architectural accents.

LAYZE Systems I Our Essence
LAYZE Systems Office Sign

Our Essence


Inspired by the tropical landscapes and modern architecture of Florida, and tested on the rigorous fields of the marine industry, comes the lovechild of our founder Orlando "Orly Gonzalez", LAYZE Systems®.


The hypothesis was to improve outdoor living in an unprecedented way: encompassing Quality, Comfort, Durability and Beauty. Finally after a decade of research and engineering we manage to integrate the versatility of modular assembly with the elegance of modern design, and in the process we came up with a fully customizable and highly resistant platform based on lightweight aluminum extrusions and patented components designed to create a collection of products for outdoor leisure and architectural equipment solutions.


We knew we were on to something; so we decided to bring it to the market in the shape of a well-established proud American company, endorsed by some of the highest certifications for endurance standards.

LAYZE Systems: The Brand


We are determined to conquer the industry by building a brand focused on Quality and Convenience as our main objectives, but also as important is the convenience of the products we build.


We put together the ideal shade and comfort collection for your every outdoor need, complete with incredible structural flexibility and exemplary use of materials. LAYZE Systems® is proud to be the world’s first manufacturer of fully modular, Miami Dade NOA-Certified awnings and terrace canopies that are both patented and made in the USA.

Whenever you see a modern-looking awning, a sleek patio gazebo, a gorgeous garden pergola, a stylish railing or a sophisticated outdoor patio furniture set, look closer; you may find a badge with our logo on it.

"Created" ...not "imported"

"The constant pursuit of excellence is in our essence, in the core of our brand. Look at our products, they are the exemplification of people achieving great things from simple ideas."

NOA Seal of approval 2.png

Miami-Dade N.O.A. in withstanding the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).


Proudly made in the USA

Top quality consumer products

High manufacturing standards


Patented and Trademarked  by the United States Department of Commerce


Weld-less Stamp of compliance with highest standards of durability and resistance


What does it mean

to be Miami Dade N.O.A. Certified

The Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) is a product approval certification designed to assure that a product has been reviewed by civil engineers for impact and wind resistance and was found to meet the code criteria in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

SEAL-Miami-Dade NOA Approval.png

Our Certified Products

While all Layze Systems® products can be customized to meet the specifications of our clients, the following assembly guidelines must be observed in order to fully comply with the product’s NOA criteria.


N.O.A Certification

# 16-1208.02

Terrace (Pergola)

N.O.A Certification

# 16-1208.03


N.O.A Certification

# 15-0310.03


Our Company

LAYZE Systems® is a DBA of Outdoor Equipment Manufacturers, LLC.

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